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You must have seen a Hollywood movie where an actor is showcased as playing a casino game sitting on a glamorous table, and there’re piles of round coins placed in different colors in front of him. Everybody knows these coins have some values in gambling terminology, but do all of them have same denominations or worth? No. Each of them has different value and status; perhaps, casino players are segregated into high rollers vs. low rollers based on their chip’s colors. A typical casino session starts when a player buys casino chips of equal values he deposits in cash, he can ask for different denominations as per his requirements based on the games he wants to play, coz some casino games, like slots, require tiny amount to be wagered, hence player should have low denomination coins if he wants to play a slots game. Further, there’re some differences playing in a land casino vs. playing online, and one of them is chips physical possession. You can keep your casino coins if you’re playing in a land casino, however, if you’re playing online; chips colors and values only have symbolic meanings without any real mean.


The Worth of Each Color

As told, the color of each chip signifies its denomination and synonym it’s renown with, like nickel, pumpkins, barneys, and, etc. The highest valued chip is colored Orange having one thousand dollars value for each orange coin. That means it can change the outlook, treatment, hospitality offered to you, if you’re having orange casino chips. Next chip in the hierarchy is Purple colored chip with five hundred dollars value. Purple color is easily identifiable for its vibrant shine. It’s mostly preferred by mid rollers who love to wager reasonable amount on more than a single casino game. Similarly, then come Black chips valued one hundred dollars, green chips valued twenty five dollars, red chips valued five dollars, and white / blue colored chip valued minimum one dollar each. Besides, many casinos accept direct payment through their acceptable payment gateways, in that case, there is no need to buy any casino coin, coz money can be transferred using a ticket or card.

So, gambling industry runs on its own economic system containing its on currency segregated into several plastic coins of various denominations. Though, it’s very basic thing to learn about a casino gaming system which is useful for a newbie who wants to start his gaming journey with a reasonable knowledge about casino systems and its different ingredients.

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