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LeoVegas has revealed that it is endeavouring to enhance its position in the Danish market with the launch of a new sports betting platform in the country.

The new betting platform, “LeoVegas Sport’, will see approximately 100,000 betting games being offered each day across more than 40 different sports.

The launch of the sports betting platform follows LeoVegas’ acquisition of a licence for sports betting in Denmark – where the operator already offers casino services to the Danish.

The Group Chief Executive of LeoVegas, Gustaf Hagman, commented on the new sports betting platform by saying that the launch of LeoVegas’s casino has been extremely successful and LeoVegas has established itself as a brand in Denmark.

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Arabian Nights progressive online casino slot game


Paf Casino, a leading online casino established in 1999, is thrilled to announce that a lucky player wagering on the Arabian Nights progressive online slot at the site recently managed to hit the progressive jackpot on the game that resulted in a huge cash prize of €1,795,855.

This latest win at the online casino is the 35th time that the jackpot was hit on the game since December of 2009. The amount of the win is about what one would expect to see from the NetEnt game, as the average win for this slot game is €1,633,212.

The largest win in the history of NetEnt’s Arabian Nights progressive jackpot slot game also took place at Paf Casino when a lucky punter, who hails from Finland, won a staggering amount of €8,635,872 in 2012.

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online gambling game

Online casino industry is one of the biggest in online gambling arena, everybody knows it, yet many players choose apart of basic industry guidelines. Typically, every online casino in existence today can be classified into two categories: old casinos and new casinos. While old casinos, which are in the industry from several years, are always more trusted than others, new online casinos also have better technology, more rewards, and, etc. So, which one to choose or why one category should be given preference over other is a matter of personal choice, however there are general precautions which need to be taken care of to safeguard players own interests. Generally, old or legendry online casinos offer better security and reliability over others, but at the same time; they also offer comparatively lesser promotional offers, like some of first few online casinos still offer only $100 as sign up bonus while many new online casinos offer thousands of dollars as sign up bonus. The difference is because they sell the confidence players have gained playing with them for so many years. Continue reading

casino chips

You must have seen a Hollywood movie where an actor is showcased as playing a casino game sitting on a glamorous table, and there’re piles of round coins placed in different colors in front of him. Everybody knows these coins have some values in gambling terminology, but do all of them have same denominations or worth? No. Each of them has different value and status; perhaps, casino players are segregated into high rollers vs. low rollers based on their chip’s colors. A typical casino session starts when a player buys casino chips of equal values he deposits in cash, he can ask for different denominations as per his requirements based on the games he wants to play, coz some casino games, like slots, require tiny amount to be wagered, hence player should have low denomination coins if he wants to play a slots game. Further, there’re some differences playing in a land casino vs. playing online, and one of them is chips physical possession. You can keep your casino coins if you’re playing in a land casino, however, if you’re playing online; chips colors and values only have symbolic meanings without any real mean. Continue reading

Betting on your favorite team in the hopes of winning loads of cash is very exciting, especially if you are confident enough that the team you wagered on is going to win the event. Sports betting is also a lot of fun, especially if your team won. However, before you put your money at risk, you have to have some certain sports betting strategies to at least reduce the risk of failure. For this reason, here are some simple sports betting strategies that you should take into consideration before placing a bet. Continue reading