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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Online casino industry is one of the biggest in online gambling arena, everybody knows it, yet many players choose apart of basic industry guidelines. Typically, every online casino in existence today can be classified into two categories: old casinos and new casinos. While old casinos, which are in the industry from several years, are always more trusted than others, new online casinos also have better technology, more rewards, and, etc. So, which one to choose or why one category should be given preference over other is a matter of personal choice, however there are general precautions which need to be taken care of to safeguard players own interests. Generally, old or legendry online casinos offer better security and reliability over others, but at the same time; they also offer comparatively lesser promotional offers, like some of first few online casinos still offer only $100 as sign up bonus while many new online casinos offer thousands of dollars as sign up bonus. The difference is because they sell the confidence players have gained playing with them for so many years. Continue reading